Our Core Values

These Three Values are a Part of Every Lesson We Teach


• Affirmation and great teaching always go hand in hand


• Ready to begin wherever students are on their musical journey

• Seek ways in each lesson to acknowledge student growth


• Challenge their students to continually grow and achieve


• Love their students and love teaching music



• Needs and goals of students are greatly varied. We celebrate that. 


• We teach everything from musical roles, school and honor group auditions, mastering contest solos and college scholarship auditions, to performing for school assemblies, company gatherings, church worship and garage bands!


• Got a deadline?  We will teach it as quickly and accurately as possible.


• If we ever don’t have a teacher that will meet your goals, we’ll tell you


• Like we say: “A world of learning that happens where you are.”


• All teachers are required to complete a criminal background check


• Teachers must sign an affirmation of conduct and teaching principles


• Teachers email students/families through the In Harmony Lessons email server 


• All teachers must immediately report any charges of a criminal offense


• Parents are encouraged to be a part of lessons times 


• Lessons are electronically archived if a conduct review is ever needed