Recommendations for an Effective Online Zoom Lesson:

  • You decide which device would be most convenient or accessible for your lesson: a smart phone, tablet, or computer. Any of these devices will work.

  • Your lessons will be taught through Zoom. This is a free app and works on smart phones, tablets, and computers. Here is a short video to help get you set up with Zoom for your music lessons. 

  • If are a piano student, set up the device so that your teacher can see your profile view including your hands. For instrumental students, set up the camera so your teacher can see your torso.

  • For the best lesson, minimize the background noise by others in the home. Make sure you have adequate lighting, preferably from the front view.

  • Keep a metronome (or the metronome app) handy. Metronome apps can be easily found online or on your smart phone.

  • For young students aged six and under, the teacher will need parental support. The parent will be the “hands” during the lessons for tasks including flipping pages, pointing to things on the page, or helping to locate certain keys on the piano. The teacher will demonstrate virtually, and the parent may be needed to assist the student. The teacher may use virtual music games which might require some parental assistance.